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The Helen O’Grady Drama Academy offers a very successful and affordable developmental drama programme for 5 to 17 year olds. Our classes help to build confidence and self-esteem with an emphasis on FUN! All of our specially trained teachers follow a structured, professional curriculum that explores voice, movement and creative drama. Youth Theatre students will find our curriculum very beneficial if they are studying Drama at G.C.S.E and ‘A’ Level. We offer all new students their first lesson FREE!

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Friday, 23 October 2009




“PUT YOUR MONEY WHERE YOUR MOUTH IS!” is the message from the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy this year as they launch their annual fundraising for Children In Need.

The Academy, renowned for helping children develop confidence, self esteem and verbal communication skills, is encouraging everyone to take part on this day by putting their communication skills into action to raise money.

Anyone can join in! There is a series of topics for different age groups to speak on: all that is required is someone to talk to! In these days of social networking, what better way to revive the art of conversation?

In 2008, all over the country, children attending drama classes devised ways to raise £20,000 to present to the charity. In this, the Academy’s 30th Anniversary year, we will be encouraging students to gain sponsors to help raise the massive target of £50,000!

However, this is not only limited to Academy students. To become a part of this momentous day, please call the Academy or go to www.helenogrady.co.uk and download the Information pack for parents.

The Academy is proud their students once again have the confidence to join in all these activities and raise money for children less fortunate than themselves.

So please, put your money where your mouth is and help us achieve our target and make a real difference to the lives of hundreds of children.


Helen Walls, Principal 01689 812336

Email: Bromley@helenogrady.co.uk

Admin email: helenogrady@ntlworld.com

WEB: www.dramabwk.co.uk

National website: www.helenogrady.co.uk


Thursday, 24 September 2009


The first campaign launched by the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, National Drama Week with the theme: ‘Drama Takes Centre Stage’ is to bring to the fore the positive benefits drama offers children. It highlights the growing use of modern technology among children and teens and with it the lost art of communication, as social network sites and text messages become the preferred choice of communication. The launch is also timed to celebrate Helen O’Grady International 30 years of drama!

Key Highlights

With modern day technology, recent research1 reveals that children between 5 and 16 years can spend up to 5 hours a day on social network sites, computer games or watching television. Experts believe this has an adverse effect on children’s communication and social interaction skills.

Drama develops children’s self-confidence, self-esteem, communication skills, speech, articulation and social interaction skills. It also develops imagination, empathy, positive thinking, concentration, memory and problem solving. Drama develops personal growth.

Everyone, especially children and teens, can benefit from drama, as it develops life skills.


Jilly Cooper, renowned author, enthused about this event in a recent letter. She said “This is an absolutely wonderful project…..I think it gives children enormous confidence if they take part in plays and often rather shy children turn out to be the most amazing actors and find a voice for themselves”. She speaks of her own love of drama and goes on to say “…by performing plays and watching drama, literature becomes so much more alive. I’m terribly keen on drama and anything that encourages love of the arts”.

HRH Princess Royal said that she “congratulates Helen O’Grady Drama Academy on their work and sends her best wishes for the continued success of this important work.”

Special Invitation

Helen O’Grady Drama Academy is offering free introductory trial sessions during National Drama week at its 400 studios across the UK. Helen O’Grady Drama Academy has 23 classes across Bromley & West Kent and is offering free trial sessions at all classes only in National Drama week. To book your free trial session please contact Helen Walls, Principal, on 01689 812336 or email bromley@helenogrady.co.uk .

(1) The Bercow review can be found on: www.dfcs.gov.uk/slnaction

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


GRAVESHAM AND BROMLEY: Children have fun performing in front of parents

CHILDREN at a drama school have had fun performing in front of their parentsThe performers from the Helen O Grady Drama Academy took part in the end of term parents days on March 26 and March 28.

The students, aged five to 17 years old, put on scripted plays, improvised plays, music and movement pieces.

The academy aims to give children confidence, self-esteem and skills in verbal communication.

Principal of the academy in Bromley and West Kent, Helen Walls, said: “The support of the parents and schools in the local community has been fantastic.

“We are very much looking forward to more creative work after the holidays, when, in our annual production term, all classes work on short scripted plays to perform for an audience of parents and friends in July.”

The Bromley and West Kent academy teaches children across different areas including Gravesham, Petts Wood and Orpington.

Saturday, 14 March 2009


Drama students enjoyed dressing up to raise money for charity.

In support of this year’s ‘do something funny for money’ campaign, children at the Helen O'Grady Drama Academy, which offers lessons all over Bromley and West Kent, were all invited to ‘dress for drama in a funny way’ and to bring along a donation for Comic Relief.

Academy principal helen walls said: “i knew our students were talented in the comedy department but some of the outfits were very funny indeed. we had children in their pyjamas, boys dressed as girls and vice versa, back to front outfits and clowns. we have raised £330.91 a great amount for this worthwhile cause.”